Enchanted Fairy Garden (Part 2)

Enchanted Fairy Garden (Part 2)

Fairy Garden Accessories made out of polymer clay (cured and glazed). 🌸🌼🌺
I Cannot wait to put all these cuties together and create my very own “Fairy Garden” β™₯️
Accessories in the pic are:
-Pond tub
-Lady bugs
-Water lillies and koi fish
-Fairy garden board
-Direction Board
-Plant Pots
-Veggie Basket
-Stepping stones
-Fairy mail
-Clothes line
-Hanging flower basket
-Garden Bench
-Bird Bath
-Washi tape banner

Check out the other parts of this Enchanted Magical Fairy Garden by clicking on the links below :

Enchanted Fairy Garden (Part 1)

Enchanted Fairy Garden (Part 3)

Enchanted Fairy Garden (Part 4)


The below pic also contains some extra garden miniatures I purchased from Michaels Art store in sale.

OSMV9431 (91)


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