Enchanted Fairy Garden (Part 3)

Enchanted Fairy Garden (Part 3)

In the in between times when day 🌞 fades into night 🌚 or Spring 🌸 melts into summers β˜€οΈ and at the in between places where the paths 🌳converge,a veil is parted between the worlds and One☝️may enter the Other World-The World of Fairies πŸ„ but use much caution O’ Dear One! For you have now entered the “Enchanted garden” & NONE RETURN UNCHANGED! 🐝

I have finally made my very own fairy garden using live plants and the cute accessories i created. I made two of these : one in a wide saucer like pot and the other one in a glass terrarium. Both turned out awesomely sweet!I have named my garden as “The Enchanted Garden”. I would certainly dream about small fairies flying in and out of these cute little gardens 😍😍😍

P.S. Succulents are the best choice for an indoor fairy garden since they can thrive in any weather condition (California has hot summers which are good for them) and are easy to maintain. They just need some dirt and occasional water misting.

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WHIC4000IMG_9816 (59)IMG_9812IMG_9854 (63)


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