Customized Recipe Album🥗🍛

♥️Customized Recipe Album♥️ I made for @urbanpunjaban 😍😍🤗🤗 She is an excellent cook and wanted something to store her treasured recipes into, that’s where i came in 😂🤣LOL i feel like i am in one of those skyshop ads HAHA anywho… She is super cute and is obsessed with all things Christmasy so she wanted an album “Gur’s Saffron Kitchen” that was holiday themed!! Let me tell you a few things about the album:

🥗It’s expandable!!

🍛waterproof front and back.cover to avoid any spillage, happening in the kitchen.

🥘Right now it holds 50 recipe cards each in its individual vinyl sheet protectors because c’mon cooking without spillage is not possible atleast for me or may be, i am too clumsy HAHA 😆

🍰6 Recipe dividers of your choice

🍪Has a cute custom Charm-o-bunch hanging on the side, totally optional.

Makes up for the perfect holiday🎄gift to store all the joyous recipes in one place 🙂 Doesn’t it?

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